Sunday, September 30, 2012

September was another busy busy month, but we did some fun things!

We had the privilege of going to the Brigham City Temple Open House; it was my very first temple open house ever! It was so pretty and its decorations reflected the city itself which was pretty neat. Landon did very well during the tour, however, he may or may not have had an accident that dribbled down daddy's arm.

 (This pumpkin was in a mans garden on our bus ride to the temple from the parking area. I don't remember how much they said it weighed, but it grew about 37 pounds per day!
Last year his pumpkin was about 1100 pounds and he came in 3rd place. He has two other pumpkins just as big to the right of this picture.)

Later in the month we had Landon's 2-month well-baby check up. 

He did so well, despite all the shots they gave him! I think I cried more than he did, but the doctor reassured me that was normal :) Our boy is in the 90th percentile for height and weight!

The next night we all made the drive up to Logan, along side our friends the Irwins for my first 5k (first since I was like 10 years old.) After gaining a whopping 60 pounds during my pregnancy, I was determined to run a 5k towards the end of losing my pregnancy weight. When I ran the race, I already lost 43 pounds, only 17 more to go!

I am so grateful to have a husband that is so supportive of the things I do. On our way up there we stopped at a gas station where he bought me a Gatorade, a power bar, and gum. He said "drink a little bit of the Gatorade right now but wait till your done for most of it. Eat this power bar 15 minutes before the race starts, and chew this gum during because you will get dry mouth." He is so funny and sweet and thoughtful. I lovvved hearing him yell for me when the race started and when I crossed that finish line, he along with Landon Mike and Michelle were there to cheer me on with a poster. I was overwhelmed with love and gratitude.

The day after that, Landon had his very first sleepover. 
 (This picture was taken when I dropped him off...I may have cried a little.)

The Dicksons next door were so sweet to watch him while Nate and I went to wendover for a small company get-away. They paid for a hotel room (we lucked out with a jacuzzi suite), dinner (prime rib for me and shrimp for Nate), and $100 spending money. It's kind of nice when his work has a great month and rewards their employees :)

The week after that my grams came up to visit and meet Landon. It was so much fun having her here; she fell in love with our little boy! We took her around and showed her all kinds of thins:

We went to Antelope Island, the historical ranch there, Tucanos Brazilian Steakhouse,  the Planetarium, etc. We also sat down and went over recipes I got of hers to make sure they were correct. Afterwards, she taught me how to make potato tacos, one of our family favorites that I hadn't learned to make yet. It was so fun spending time with her; there was one point where I had a headache and she watched Landon for me. As I was falling asleep I could hear her singing him to sleep downstairs, I will cherish that memory, and all the others, forever. 
Nate even taught her how to play the Xbox:

We were sad to see her go back to AZ.

Later that week was my birthday! Us, along with some of our friends went up to Grandma and Grandpa Gailey's cabin in Park City for the weekend. It was Landon's first sleepover there, he enjoyed it. We went to dinner at the Loco Lizzard, our favorite cantina up there.

Like I said, September was busy, but super fun!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Hello two month old Landon

This month he:
-Was given his baby blessing
-Went to daddy's company party
-Went to the Relief Society Purse activity
-Went to a ward picnic
-Is able to stand up when someone holds his hands
-Can sit in his bumbo
-Got baby acne
-Developed Michelin Man arms and legs
-Showed his dimple under his right eye
-Went to Relief Society
-Rolled over 4 times
-Smiles a lot more

Some things I have learned now being a mom:
-Don't ever expect to your shirts so be clean
-Always have extra baby outfits wherever you go
-I love kissing the bottom of his feet and feeling his toes curl over my top lip
-Babies don't cry as often as I pictured they do (at least not Landon)
-Landon makes average looking onsies so darn cute