Thursday, June 20, 2013

I couldn't believe my eyes today...

This kid is NOT a self feeder. He cries when we put his hand up to his mouth to help him. But sure enough, when we went to the park today, I wasn't watching what he was doing right next to me and when I looked over, saw this kid stuffing his face with DIRT! I wouldn't thing that would be the yummiest thing to feed yourself for the first time. You would think, right? Well he wouldn't stop. He tried eating it every chance I looked away. Boys will be boys I guess. It did make me laugh though, and made me a little proud that he fed himself :)

Monday, June 17, 2013

This weekend we had the opportunity to go out of town to celebrate Nate's birthday and Father's Day. We went up to his grandparents cabin in Park City with a few of our friends.

We packed up the vehicle to the top and headed out!

We got there Friday night and stayed until Sunday. It was mostly a trip of relaxing in the cabin but we did get out and try our hand at Crawfish catching. Needless to say, we didn't do very well. Apparently the way to do it is to throw a rope out with a piece of raw meat tied to it. They are supposed to come start eating it and you lure them in, but we didn't catch any that way. The only little guy we got was hanging out on a rock that I just happened to spot while looking in the water. It was his lucky day because we let him go :)

For Nate's 30th birthday I contacted 30 of his family and friends to collect memories they had with Nate. I typed them all up and put them in a jar for him. We all had a good time hearing him read the memories. That night we got pizza and picked up his cake I ordered and celebrated at the cabin.

Since the next day was Father's Day, I had another gift up my sleeve. When I asked him a few weeks prior what he wanted for Father's Day his response was "cereal. I just want all my favorite kinds of cereal. With whole milk." So knowing me, I couldn't just wrap up boxes of cereal and whole milk. So I found these cool cereal dispensers on Amazon, like the kind they have at hotel continental breakfasts, and got two double dispensers. In the morning I set them out and he had his cereal buffet :) They are now in our pantry for everyday use. We love them.

It was so nice to have Nate for the whole weekend, that never happens. He works every Saturday so it was fun to be together.

Also, can't forget my daddy-o and father in law, Happy Fathers Day!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Hello 11 month old Landon

This month he:
-Started growing his first third tooth
-Started crawling forward
-Started climbing over people
-Got his first ear infection :(
-Started pulling himself up to furnature
-Started grinding his teeth
-Started pulling himself up in his crib, so we had to lower it
-Loves to play with the air vents on the floor
-Climbs the stairs