Monday, March 5, 2012

I have been feeling our little one wiggle around more and it has been such a fun experience! Saturday morning when I woke up and turned on my side, the baby was wide awake and moving. I knew I could feel him from the inside, but I was also pretty sure he could be felt from the outside too. I woke Nate up, put his hand on my tummy, and sure enough that boy kicked! Nate was so excited and so was I! It is so awesome to be able to feel him move but even more awesome that his daddy can feel him now too. After Nate was able to feel him I was curious if I'd be able to see my tummy move when I felt him kicking. I laid on the couch and watch closely. I did! I saw it move. It was cool and funny all at the same time! I love my little growing family and get more excited every day at the thought of having our baby boy in our arms. I am so excited to meet him and just stare for hours at his cute little self. This whole experience has been unlike anything else. It is amazing and Nate and I feel truly truly blessed.

Speaking of being blessed, we have had so many amazing people around us help us out with toys and clothes. We have wonderful family and friends that are so kind and generous. We owe them so much!
Wow, it has been a great 2 months!

January 10th, Nate and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary.

We got all dressed up and headed to Sandy where we went to dinner at the beautiful La Caille. This was my kind of restaurant so I just loved everything about it!

Amuse Bouche - Puff Pastry w/ Roquefort Cheese, Dijon Vinaigrette & Micro Greens
Appetizer - Pan Seared Prawn w/ Tabasco Sabayon, Smoked Salmon Cake w/ Basil Aioli, and Pacific Oyster Shooter

 Palette Cleanser - Pineapple Sorbet

Kristina's Entree - Fresh Atlantic Salmon Caramelized “Aux Poivre” served Over Micro Greens with Heirloom Tomatoes, Osetra Caviar, Radish Sprouts, Buckwheat Bellini and Red Onion Confit

Nate's Entree - Cornish Game Hen Stewed in French Indian Curry Natural Jus served with Savory Bread Pudding and White Truffle Cream

 Dessert - Trio of Traditional French Confections Créme Brûlée, Beignet Française, and Baked Alaska

Sweet Plate - Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Dinner was so good and Nate and I just had a wonderful night. One of the best parts was when Nate asked "Do you guys do anything special for anniversary's? Maybe like some Apple Bee's singing?" He was being funny with the waitress about the Apple Bee's singing, but when she brought out the dessert with the fun firework thing on it, she was a good sport and started singing "Happy Anniversary to you..." in the Happy Birthday tune. She was such a great waitress, she made our special night even greater. When we were done with dinner we walked around the property. It is so pretty and someday we want to go back and stay in their cottage. 

This is their waterfall type thing that apparently freezes and looks way cool in the winter time!

The front of La Caille

 Towards the end of January I started experiencing heartburn for the first time. It doesn't really feel the way I thought it would. Luckily I only had a mild case of it, and after about a few weeks I had it no more! At least I can say I know what it's like now. But I am grateful it didn't decide to linger. Some people say that if you have heartburn, your baby is born with a lot of hair. Well what do they say about people that have mild heartburn for only a few weeks? Guess we'll have to wait for the outcome.

We also started taking guesses on baby genders the end of January. And the results were....
Boy: 47              Girl: 29 
On Nate's side of the family, it should be a boy, according to the pattern. There is Gavin (boy), Alyssa (girl), Brock (boy), Adalyn (girl), Joel (boy), and Brielle (girl). See the pattern? Boy Girl Boy Girl. But, on my side of the family, there is Tre (boy) and Kingston (boy). Not a pattern, so it could go either way. Add to the boys, or bring in a girl. Either way, we were super excited to find out the gender and finally get to start picking names and decorating the baby room. 

I had found a few Target gift cards left over from our wedding and there happened to be an annual baby sale the week before we found out the gender. I decided to go, get both genders, and take back whichever gender we weren't going to end up having. I went a little crazy! But what I found out was it is a lot hard to find boy clothes (that I like) than girl clothes. I'm a very plain person, and I'll probably have a plain dressed baby. There are a lot more plain clothes for girls than boys. So I came home with about 4 bags of girls stuff and 1 bag of boy stuff. It was a bit ridiculous :)

February 7th was our big ultrasound where we found out the gender, along with how everything was developing on the baby. I was sooo anxious and excited I could hardly sleep the night before! I have heard that it helps to have sugar right before the ultrasound to get that baby wiggling. The only thing I could find before we left the house was a bag of chocolate. I started eating and then realized..."This probably wont reach the baby by the time it needs to." So after we checked in for the appointment my wonderful husband went and got me a delicious berry smoothie with whipped cream on top. It was pretty amazing. I sipped as fast as I could but the doctor came out to get me so quick. The took us into this big ultrasound room and I laid on the (whatever they are called.) It was finally here and I could barely contain myself. Our ultrasound tech was amazing, she was 20 years experienced and it totally showed! As soon as she out the wand thing on my tummy and moved it around, we got a clear shot of between the legs. I immediately gasped, looked over at the tech and said "Is it a boy!?" She just smiled, and I knew it was. I looked over at Nate and started to tear up. I was so excited that it was a boy and I think he was too. We may or may not have been secretly rooting for a boy :) The ultrasound was so wonderful, we learned so much about our little baby boy, all good things. He is growing and developing perfectly. Nate and I couldn't be more grateful that he is as healthy as can be! It's crazy how many things they can find out by these ultrasounds. They were able to check that the heart had all 4 chambers, they could see the blood going to the kidneys, they could check the halves of the brain, and soo much more! We got a DVD of the ultrasound a long with the snapshots of our handsome little man...

The most amazing part of the whole ultrasound was that it finally let me know I could feel my baby boy moving around. Before the appointment, with how subtle the movements were, I could not tell if it was the baby or simply air bubble in my tummy. But when we were watching him on the screen and I saw him move the same time a felt something, I knew I was able to feel my sweet baby boy inside there. It was indescribable.

Nate wanted to tell his lady friends at work the gender in a fun way so we came up with the idea to bake cupcakes and fill them with either blue or pink frosting. We topped them with white frosting so they had eat the cupcake to find out what color was inside. Nate said they enjoyed it and I know I had fun making them :)

After we left the appointment we called our families and shared the news; everyone was excited!

The following week was Valentine's Day, and what a way to start it off by having our 20 week baby check up! We heard his sweet little heartbeat and everything was great :) I couldn't believe we were already half way! The time really flew by, I wonder how the rest of the time will go. After our days at work we came home to celebrate together.
Nate had called me a few minutes before I left work and told me I couldn't get home before he did. I told him there was no way I would because his work is a lot closer to home than mine (little did I know he had a few stops to make on his way.) So he tried to get me to stall by picking up a Red Box. He told me to call him when I was getting off the highway by our house. When I did he sounded pack-y and told me to pull over and wait on the side of the road. Ha, it really made me laugh. I asked him if I could just go home and go upstairs and stay there until he was finished with whatever it was that he needed to do. He told me that was okay. So about 10 minutes after I got home and went upstairs he called me and said to go start a bath but not to put anything in it (bubbles.) So I started the water and got in. Two minutes later I hear the garage door open and then footsteps running through the house up to the bathroom. He set down a Victoria's Secret bag next to the bath and ran back out. It was the funniest thing, I could just hear running steps all through the house the entire time. I opened the bag and inside was lotion, body spray, and body cream in 3 amazing scents! He came back up a few minutes later and I thanked him for the gift. He asked, "Did you see the bath stuff?" I said "no." He looked inside the bag and then got kind of sad and said "Oh no, I forgot I traded it out for one of the other things!" I told him not to worry, that I love the gift, and I had bubbles I could put in the bath. I think he was so flustered because nothing was working out the way he wanted, but to me it only made it better and sweeter. The bath water was still filling up when he yelled up to ask me "Will you be ready in 7 minutes?" Hahaha that made me laugh too but I told him I could be. So 7 minutes later I got out, got dressed and headed downstairs. It was super cute, all the lights were off besides the candles he lit. He set the island up for dinner and put a towel over his are like a waiter.

He had got my favorite buffalo wings from  Roosters, took them out of the to-go container, put them into a dish and into the oven. He pulled them out and served the first course. It was so stinkin cute, I loved it. They were yummmmmy! Then after the wings he got out the second course again from the over, delicious mac and cheese with chicken breast from Noodles & Co. We love eating it with Sriracha Hot Sauce! And finally, he brought out a box of cupcakes from Sweet Tooth Fairy.

Dinner was sooo yummy and Nate was so cute the whole time. I love him so so much! Afterwards he went through the gifts I got him, saying "aww!" to each one. It was funny!

Berry Lemonade - "I'm BERRY lucky to have you in my life"
Orange Crush - "I have a big CRUSH on you"
Trail Mix Bars - "I'd be all MIXED up without you"
Oatmeal Creme Pies - "You are the CREME of my crop"
Reese's Pieces - "I love you to PIECES"
Hot Tamales - "You are a HOTTIE"
Extra Gum - "You always go the EXTRA mile for me"
Swedish Fish - "You have o-FISH-ally stolen my heart"
Life Savers Mints - "You are my LIFESAVER"

Oh, and while Nate was at work, I dropped off a Naked Juice to his co-worker to deliver to him that said "I just wanted to see if I could get you NAKED at work! Happy Valentine's Day" It was great :)

We had a fun night together. I liked just being at home with him; usually that's better than going out to a crazy packed restaurant sharing Valentine's Day with the rest of the state.

We have had the opportunity to go to several Jazz games this year which has been fun! Nate has been able to score some lower bowl seats for a really good deal so we have enjoyed that. I got to see my guy Westbrook on the Thunder which was pretty cool. We also ran into Thurl Bailey at one of the games...can you say...TALL. Which is funny because I know he isn't even the tallest guy to play in the NBA. I cannot believe how tall these guys are. This is a picture of our friend McKenna next to Thurl. Crazy!

We also got the bedroom all cleaned out that we are planning to make into the nursery. (Luckily I had forgotten to take a picture before we actually you don't get to see how much stuff was really in there! Including a spare bed and our desk. The dresser was not originally in there.)

Now we get to fill it with baby things! We are going to paint the furniture a dark/mustard yellow because that and grey our the colors for the room. Hopefully it turns out how I imagine :)