Monday, March 5, 2012

I have been feeling our little one wiggle around more and it has been such a fun experience! Saturday morning when I woke up and turned on my side, the baby was wide awake and moving. I knew I could feel him from the inside, but I was also pretty sure he could be felt from the outside too. I woke Nate up, put his hand on my tummy, and sure enough that boy kicked! Nate was so excited and so was I! It is so awesome to be able to feel him move but even more awesome that his daddy can feel him now too. After Nate was able to feel him I was curious if I'd be able to see my tummy move when I felt him kicking. I laid on the couch and watch closely. I did! I saw it move. It was cool and funny all at the same time! I love my little growing family and get more excited every day at the thought of having our baby boy in our arms. I am so excited to meet him and just stare for hours at his cute little self. This whole experience has been unlike anything else. It is amazing and Nate and I feel truly truly blessed.

Speaking of being blessed, we have had so many amazing people around us help us out with toys and clothes. We have wonderful family and friends that are so kind and generous. We owe them so much!

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