Friday, September 20, 2013

Nate and I feel so blessed to be in this home and so blessed with how everything worked out. It was a scary position to be in for me knowing we needed to sell a home before the new one could ever be ours, and we only had a few months for it to happen. I seemed to be the one that worried the most though, Nate reminded me everyday that things would work out how they are supposed to.

The time was getting close for our new home to be done and we still hadn't received any offers on our house. That was when I decided, it's in the Lord's hands. Whatever needs to happen will, and I just needed to let that be. It wasn't but a few days later that we received not one, but TWO offer on our house! I was so grateful and couldn't be more relieved. Once we accepted an offer we had about a month before they wanted to close on the house, the perfect amount of time for our builder to get everything finished up on our new home.

We were lucky enough to move out of one home and in to the other within a couple of days.

I am so happy with our new house but am definitely already missing our old neighborhood, friends and ward. I know this will be a fun new adventure for us though and I look forward to making new memories in this home as our family of three becomes a family of four in 3 months.

I will post pictures of our home soon, now that we are all settled in.

Thanks to all of our family member and friends that have helped us in this journey one way or another, we appreciate your love and support!

Friday, September 6, 2013


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August 28th

And our official move in day, September 6th...

Well, it has been a crazy journey, starting way back before Thanksgiving of last year when we first decided we wanted to move. We planned on putting our house up for sale when we got back from our Thanksgiving trip to AZ and of course, we had a shower disaster push that back several months. We had to replace our master shower and flooring; our bathroom was completely gutted at one point. It was a long back and forth with our insurance and it was finally all completed about 3 or 4 months later. So back on track we went, our house went up for sale April 3rd.

We started looking online for homes for sale but eventually decided we wanted to build. We ended up finding a lot in Syracuse that we really liked, but it was owned by a contractor that was about to start building a spec home. We contacted him, met with him, and decided after some thought and prayer that we were going to put earnest money down on it. We were able to tweak the blueprints to our liking and away we went. We were building a house before we even knew if ours would sell in time, let a lone at all.
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More to come...