Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Last night Nate and I had a great opportunity to go to the Jazz vs. Celtics game and sit on the second row! We also got to go to the VIP dinner ahead of time and enjoy snacks there during halftime. Nate came across Flash Seats which allows season ticket holders to sell their tickets to a game if they know they are not going to make it that night. So, we got great seats for a great deal, and Nate's favorite player is Kevin Garnett who plays for the Celtics. It was a fun night out with my guy and we can now check that off of our bucket list :)


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Our Valentine's was simple and fun. Landon and I went over to a friends house where a bunch of us wives gathered to put together Edible Arrangements for our hubby's. Everyone brought a different fruit and their own cup or vase to fill. They turned out so cute and sooo much cheaper than buying one! I think everyone loved them :)

I got to hang out with my little Valentine all day:


 And I couldn't be more grateful for my Eternal Valentine:

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I have to blog this story so that I have it to always remember. I love my husband more everyday we are together.

Earlier today when I went grocery shopping, I was planning to get some strawberries for valentines day tomorrow. Unfortunately they were out which meant I was going to have to make another trip to a different store tonight or tomorrow morning. Well, Nate called my when he got off work and I decided to ask him if he would stop at the store and see if they had any. I asked him to buy 2 packages. When he got home he gave me the 2 packages of strawberries and showed me the receipt (because I asked him to price match.) Oddly the receipt showed 3 packages rung up. He started explaining:

After buying the other couple of things we needed, he went to look for strawberries and noticed they were out. When he went to pay, the lady asked "did you find everything alright?" And Nate replied that he didn't find any strawberries. The kind little older lady told him they had some. She then proceeded to stop checking out, walked him over to the produce and showed him the few packages that were left. He grabbed the two he needed, then heard her say something like "that's too bad." He asked what was wrong and she said, I was hoping to be able to buy some to make chocolate covered strawberries tomorrow. Nate asked, "why don't you grab a package before they are gone!" She told him that she was not allowed to while she was on the clock, so she would have to wait till she got off and hope that there was a package left.

Nate grabbed one more package and headed back to the register. When the lady was finishing up his transaction he said, "these are for my wife, which package looks the best?" She pointed one out and he said thanks and asked her to set it on top of the bagging spot. When he was ready to leave she said "enjoy the strawberries, they look like they will be great." He replied "you too!" She replied "hopefully there will be some left." He said, "yeah hopefully, but you at least have one package." She looked confused and then said, "you forgot these" when she saw the strawberries he had her set aside. Then he said, "those are for you."

I kid you not, my eyes started filling with tears the second he started telling the story because I know exactly what kind of man he is and where the story was going. I am so blessed to have such a selfless husband; I am so proud to call him mine.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hello 7 month old Landon


This month he:
-started eating solids
-learned how to jump in his jumper
-learned to sit up without support
-discovered he is afraid of the sound tin foil makes
-is ticklish mostly on the sides of his ribs and the bottom of his feet
-has two teeth popped through
-got his second haircut
-is exploring his body
-got a flu shot
-was told by his pediatrician he will most likely be 6'2 and 230lbs
-grew out of his car seat and got a new one
-sat in a restaurant highchair
-is discovering his voice by yelling a lot

Saturday, February 2, 2013

 Nate and I couldn't be happier with our little Landers! He is such a well behaved baby and makes parenthood so easy. He makes us laugh everyday and we just love him to pieces!
It seems like he is doing something new every day...
Here he is sitting all by himself in a restaurant highchair for the first time. It was so fun to have him next to us where we could look at him and play. When we first put him in it he started dancing!
He only sneezed and hit his head on the table once though :)


Our boy last measured 22 pounds and 27 inches long...Yep, new carseat time.
I didn't realize he would grow out of his so fast!
We put him in three different ones and he was by far happiest in this one.
Which was good because it was the one Nate and I felt best about.
He is such a little man.

I've been trying to designate Thursday nights for time to craft. I rarely craft but I want to get into it more. I have pinned tons of crafts on Pinterest and was so excited to finally get this one accomplished!! 
I don't know what it is about silhouettes but I absolutely love them. 
There will be printed individually, framed and hung on our wall.
 I am planning on doing new ones each year to see ourselves change.

 Lastly, we celebrated the Superbowl at our house with good food and great friends. 
I get excited for it every year but this year the game was pretty disappointing.
I got real bored.
Good thing the food didn't suck and I had my handsome boys next to me!