Tuesday, April 24, 2012

In the beginning of March, Nate and I had our first lesson on Family History. We learned a lot about and were able to link ourselves with long lines of our ancestors! It was so amazing to me to actually see the names, birthdays, and countries they came from. I am so excited to be able to take family names to the temple and do their temple work. Below is a screen shot of the line of ancestors I am connected to. Now I've got to do the hard part and find names that are not yet linked.

We missed our 24 week doctors appointment had our 24 week doctors appointment a couple of days later than planned, but we made it. My doctor doesn't do an ultrasound every appointment but she does check the baby's heartbeat and measures my tummy. This appointment the doctor said he was measuring a little bit bigger than what he was supposed to so I got a bit nervous that baby was growing faster than scheduled. I've kind of been anticipating him to be a bit bigger than average because apparently Gailey's have larger babies. I guess we'll have to see once he is born :)

March 17th, Nate and I went to the Boyce Avenue concert in SLC; he was so sweet to go with me even though it wasn't his kind of concert. I didn't really know what to expect though, I just like their music. We were probably one of the oldest couples there, it was a bunch of teenie-boppers. We ended up having to wait in a huge line just to get in and it was cold and rainy. Nate was the best though, he kept me warm and in his arms! Once we got in, we were able to go upstairs (21+) and get a perfect view away from all of the young-ans. Secondhand Serenade opened and I was so excited. I think he is great, and I love where he got his band name. It was so fun to see Boyce Avenue in concert; I hadn't been to a concert in years. However, I think it was my last concert for a while, especially while being pregnant :) Afterwards, Nate and I went to Wing Nutz for a late night snack. They have these "wings" called Hog Wings, which are actually small pork ribs covered in your choice of sauce. These were my favorite kind -  we got a sampler of the different wing types. They were pretty darn yummy!

The following Saturday, the cul-de-sac wives and I went out on the first Garage Sale-ing adventure of the season. It's nice that the weather is so great now that we can actually do things outside. We went to a few different garage sale's and I totally scored on baby & maternity clothes and things. I got an Eddie Bauer Pack & Play, a highchair, booster seat, Boppy, plastic and wooden baby blocks, and I'm sure some other stuff I am forgetting about. It was great! One of my favorite finds was a couple of pairs of Converse shoes. One pair of high tops and one pair of low tops. SO cute! I am so excited to see baby in them :)

Towards the end of the month I think I caught some kind of flu. Everything ached: head, body, throat, stomach. It was miserable. I ended up having to stay home from work to try and get better and Nate came home with gorgeous flowers and dinner. I love him so much, he always knows how to make me feel better!

The last weekend of the month/first weekend of April was General Conference. We started a tradition last conference of making homemade crepes with homemade peach jam. They are so so yummy! There were so many great talks this conference, a couple of my favorites included:
"The Merciful Obtain Mercy" by Dieter F. Uchtdorf
I love watching General Conference; it's exciting to hear the words of the leaders of our church. They always know what to say.

A couple of days after conference I had another doctors appointment, where I had to get my blood drawn for my glucose test after drinking The Drink (which actually didn't taste bad like I had been told.)  I was pretty much freaking out. I really can't stand being stuck by needles and knowing they are taking blood out of me. I can't watch, and I have to squeeze hold Nate's hand. It's kind of crazy to think that I can't do that, but I will be giving birth in less than 3 months. HA. We'll see how that goes.. Needless to say, I'm terrified. Oh well though, I think it will make me stronger. I hope so at least. Oh by the way, my test came back great - no Gestational Diabetes :)

That Friday I had scheduled to be off work because I was leaving for AZ Thursday night. Little did I know, Thursday would be my last day at my job. Wednesday my manager brought me in the office and told me that the owner needed to cut me back again to part time due to the lack of incoming work. After talking with Nate that night we decided together that the driving distance verses the amount of pay is not worth it to stay working there. The next day I told me manager that I would be putting in my 2 weeks if I am not able to get at least 6 hours a day. She spoke with the owner and they weren't able to grant that. I respectfully offered 2 weeks, however, they let me leave after Thursday since I already had Friday off. It was a really weird feeling because it was so sudden. I was planning on working all the way until the baby came. We figure its a blessing in disguise though :)

Thursday night I caught the last flight to AZ for Easter weekend! My mom and sister threw me a baby shower on Saturday and I had so much fun! I loved every part of it and everyone that was able to come. We played a couple of fun games prepared by my sister, had some yummy food prepared by my mommy, and enjoyed an adorable cake that they got! Everyone was so generous and I am so thankful for everything :)

On Sunday, my sister, Tre and I went to her ward then we all went over to Cindy's house for some yummy Easter dinner and egg hunt! 

*Cindy's sister, who is a hair dresser, gave my dad the "Jersey Shore Blow Out" hair-do! HA :) love it!

I also got to spend some time with a couple of friends, Clarissa and Mandi, as well as visiting my elementary school where my mom teaches. I had such a great time in AZ! Miss my family!

I got home from AZ on Wednesday night and was so excited to see Nate! It's hard for me to be away from him longer than a day, I just love seeing his face and getting to hug him :) Since being home, I have been working on getting our home clean and organized before baby comes. There is so much to do before then and I know I wont have the energy afterwards for a while. I love knowing I wont have to worry about it when the baby comes. So far, I have sorted and stored all of the baby clothes (with the help of a wonderful friend!), washed all the 0-6 months clothes, organized his shoes by size, cleaned out the dresser he will use, cleaned all of the donated or garage-sale-purchased things, cleaned my rocking chair & ottoman, deep cleaned the kitchen, organized the kitchen cabinets, organized and cleaned the pantry, deep cleaned and organized the master bathroom, deep cleaned and organized the baby's/guest bathroom, organized our desk, and put together the stroller. There may be a couple of other things I'm forgetting, but I still have more to do. Lots of painting baby furniture to do! I can't believe we only have less than more 10 weeks until my due date. These past 30 weeks really have flown by. I feel very blessed because I feel like I have had a pretty great pregnancy. I'm really hoping that doesn't mean I will have rough labor, but we'll see. 

I am having such a great time with our little peanut in my tummy. I love every single time that I feel him moving around, especially since the movements and kicks are getting stronger. It is making me more and more excited to be able to actually see him make those movements when he gets here. There is so much that I am nervous for but I think my excitement overpowers any of that. We love him so so much and we're looking forward to him being in our arms!


  1. Tim and I love Boyce Avenue! How fun that you got to go to their concert. I love haring all of these updates!

  2. I love them too!! Hope all is well with you guys :)