Sunday, April 29, 2012

I have the most thoughtful husband. He really is the best.

Last week I was SO uncomfortable at church for the last two hours because I teach primary and have to sit in the hard metal chairs. I don't think I have ever been more uncomfortable sitting before in my life. I'm pretty sure it bruised my tail bone because for the next several days I could not sit properly due to the pain the chairs had caused me on Sunday. I started to wonder if I permanently hurt something or if if it was just taking a while to recover. I didn't realize pregnancy could do that.

This week I decided I would take a big cushy hoody to sit on so that I didn't have the same problem. Nate said to me, "Why don't you just get one of the cushion chairs to sit on?" I told him I didn't want to draw attention to myself and have to explain the reasoning.

Well, a couple of minutes after Nate walked me to class and I had layed out the hoody to sit on, Nate walked in with one of the cushion chairs for me. It was so sweet of him to take the time to do that for me. What was even sweeter though was as I walked my class to Sharing Time for the third hour, I saw Nate in the hall way. We said hi and got back to what we we were doing. He walked to Priesthood and I went into the Primary room. He had gone in before class (as to not draw attention) and switched me chair out with another cushion chair.

 It was soooo nice of him and I was so appreciative! It helped so so much! He got tons of brownie points from the Primary Presidency who was looking at me and smiling, saying "your husband is so sweet!" I feel very blessed to have such a selfless husband who always takes care of me. Now I don't have to deal with painful sitting all week.

I love my hubby!


  1. aww i love this. he sounds so sweet.

  2. He has always been like that though! Good for you. Delivery will be a BREEZE with a man like that at your side!