Friday, November 4, 2011

Best Date Night ever!

For the past couple of weeks my body has been feeling a bit different. After two weeks of feeling a bit sick and being a week late, I started thinking that this might be what we were waiting for. A few days ago I told Nate that I had a plan for Date Night on Friday (today.) I had bought a box of pregnancy tests on tuesday while I was grocery shopping and decided it was time to take one. I went back and forth for a couple of days on if I should do it alone and surprise him, or if i should wait and have him be there when i took it. I finally decided I would do it with him there. I wanted to be able to share the emotions together.

Tonight I got home late from a busy week of work and sat on the love sack to wait for him to finish up his game. Once he did we went to the kitchen and I said "Happy Date Night!" He asked, "what are we doing for Date Night?" I pointed to my jacket on the love sack and told him to look under it. He lifted my jacket and out came the box of tests. [he told m later than at that moment, he saw the box but it didnt register to him. He was wondering where the thing was that he was suppoed to be looking for.] He turned back to me fast and said "You're pregnant?!" I immediately started crying tears of joy and went to hug him. I knew I was, but I told him I wasn't 100% positive because I had not taken a test yet. He said, "Well, lets go do it."

We went upstairs and I did my thing. I went and layed with him on the bed while we waited for the full results to appear. It was time. We got up and he said "I'm gonna see it first!" and ran ahead. He was only playing though. We looked. One solid pink line and one very faint line. We looked at each other confused and Nate said "What does that mean!?" I told him that any second line, solid or faint, means you are pregnant. He asked me to take another to see if the lines would look different. I took a second test and the same thing appeared. I told him with the way my body felt and these test result, I know I am pregnant. We hugged and kissed and talked about things we would do.

The whole night was perfect. We stayed home, ordered pizza, and laid on the love sack cuddling and watched a movie.  I felt so happy to be with Nate, he is wonderful.

We are so happy, but nervous. We both want to be great parents. I love our little bean already and are so excited and blessed to be able to start our family.

I love baby. I can't wait to meet he or she. I just learned that baby is the size of a sesame seed. Cute :)


  1. those are the exact same tests I took with bou, and the second line was also that faint, how cool!i cant wait for you to be a mommy! i know you will be a perfect one!

  2. HAha really? I wonder if people ever get solid lines. Thanks, I am super excited! Thank you so much!