Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Well, it's official.

Our house is up for sale.

Nate and I had been talking about putting our house up for sale after Thanksgiving/Christmas. However, ofcourse something had to happen to prevent that. The weekend before Christmas Nate and I were hosting a party and hours before the guests were to show up Nate noticed the Christmas tree was wet. Thats when we discovered a huge paint bubble above it that was drooped down, full of water.

Long story short, our master shower had a leak and tons of our sheet rock and other stuff was damaged. It took months going back and forth with the insurance company before they finally started on our bathroom.  It was just completed this week.

 (I cant find the pictures of our demolished bathroom, but the whole thing was torn out and gutted.)

So our house is on the market and we are home hunting for something with a better layout for kiddos.

We are going to miss South Weber, our ward, and all of our amazing friends here. We are going to miss the memories in this house, where Nate and I began our relationship. But, we are excited for a new start and a new home for the both of us. (Nate had lived in this home a couple years before we even met.)

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  1. I want to see a picture of the finished bathroom