Monday, February 17, 2014

This past week we had a great visit from mt Grammy and Auntie Linda. They flew up from AZ and stayed from Tuesday to Sunday. The weather wasn't ideal to do outdoor things but we enjoyed just spending time together with the kiddos. We are so glad they came to visit and look forward to seeing them again soon we hope!

(They both fell asleep while Auntie Linda babysat so Grammy and I could run to the store)

The night before Valentine's day we all went out to dinner at Sanora Grill. Landon ended up liking the green salsa there that I am obsessed with :) While we were there Nate handed me an envelope and said "Happy early Valentine's day." I opened it up and it was a gift certificate for my grandma, my aunt and I to all go get pedicures the next day. He even booked our appointments for us. What a sweet, generous and thoughtful husband I have!!!

I also got my very first Valentine from me sweet little boy; I cried.

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