Sunday, April 6, 2014

This weekend was General Conference for our church. As always, Nate had to work on Saturday, but he got to attend the Priesthood session Saturday night with his dad, brothers and grandpa. The kids and I "watched" the two sessions together; it was Cam's first General Conference!

Sunday morning, while grandpa was singing in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, grandma came over for "conference crepes" with homemade peach jam and whipped cream. We watched conference together, enjoyed the talks and spent some time outside. My favorite talk was given by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf called Grateful in Any Circumstances. Just a couple of months before conference I was really struggling with my circumstances. Having an 18 month old toddler, a 1 month old newborn baby and a brand new, untrained, rambunctious puppy. I had several breakdowns and kept finding myself wishing my circumstances were different. "If only Landon was old enough to help more." "If only Cambria was a bit older." "If we would have waited to buy a puppy until the kids were old enough to train him and help out." We were also starting to go crazy being cooped up in the house but we only had a dirt yard and no fence to contain kids and this puppy. "If only we had a fence so Landon didn't run away from me." "If only we had grass so my wood floors weren't constantly covered in dirt." Man, it was a rough time for me. So when this talk came was given, I took a step back and realized how grateful I am that I have all of these "hardships." I am grateful I was blessed with two beautiful healthy babes. I am grateful we decided to have them close together so they can grow up being best friends. I am grateful we were able to buy a puppy that could grow with the kids and play with them. I am grateful we were able to build this home and actually have a yard. I often forget that so many others don't have some of the things we have and I need to be grateful for what we have. I am also grateful for leaders of the church that remind me of these things.  

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