Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hello 2 year old Landon!

These past 6 months you:
-fallen in love with ice
-have become a wonderful, helpful brother
-love your sister Cambria
-got your first pet, our doggy Kilo
-know a lot of body parts
-have become really good and comforting others when they are hurt or sad
-pooped in the potty once (3/21)
- have begun testing the limits a lot
-now go down the stairs forward
-fell out of the living room window
-had a phase where you gave everyone "knuckles" all the time
-have learned how to be a little stinker at times
-participated in your first Easter egg hunt
-are learning how to share
-had a couple of owies (split your lip and fell in the street)
-finally learned to tilt up your sippy cup
-LOVE the pool and have become very independant
-clean up spills on the floor with the kitchen towel without being asked
-hate having stuff on your fingers or a hang nail. You will walk up to mommy or daddy, show us your finger and say "ckkk"
-said your first prayer (after asking mommy to say 7 prayers in a row)
-have some favorite foods: tomatoes, strawberries and green beans with italian dressing
 -have learned several words: purple "pah-pah", moon "moonah", pizza "p-zzah", star "dah", balloon "m-nah", show "dough", banana "nana", please "prea", Mommy "my-my", and more
-have started trying to count 1, 2, 3 "do, do, do" (everything is 2 apparently)

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