Sunday, January 23, 2011

We did it!

We got through all of the planning, pictures, traveling, preparing, shower-ing, deciding, thanking, shopping, writing, mailing, calculating, stressing, loving, relaxing, laughing, crying, smiling, celebrating, driving, sealing, posing, eating, watching, speaking, hand shaking, praying, moving, reading, organizing, cleaning, sorting, hosting...and so much more.

Getting married is a looooong process [even especially if you only have a 45 day engagement]. We have loved every bit of the process of getting married; sealed for time and all eternity. The anticipation was rough though. We were so ready to start our lives together back a couple of months ago, but we knew being patient would be such a blessing, and make things so much easier.

We have done it though. The proposal, the engagement pictures, the wedding planning, the temple preparation, the endowment, the sealing, the luncheon, the honeymoon short stay in salt lake to celebrate together our accomplishment, and the settling in to our home together. We still have a ton to do in our house (organizing cleaning), but we can finally be together everyday. It has been wonderful and so much fun!

Hopefully We will stay on top of blogging so that everyone can enjoy along with us, the fun we have together on this new and exciting adventure!

Thank you guys so much for your love and support.

Kristina & Nate


  1. You forgot to mention you got to go all the way!!! Yee yeah i just went there.
    Where are you going to live now? In Ogden I hope?