Saturday, January 29, 2011

We finally got to go to our new ward this past Sunday! I have not been in a family ward since way before I was baptized. It was WAY different than my singles wards in the sense that we're used to silent almost silent sacrament meetings (not mentioning the occasional cell phone ringer going off). When half of the congregation is small children and can be a bit noisy. They are adorable and fun to watch so we will get used to it!

What will also help us get used to the little children is the fact that some of them we will be seeing for all three hours...thats because we were called to teach the CTR 7 year olds!  :)

I am so excited and blessed to have the opportunity to be in Primary for the first time ever. Not only will the kids be learning but so will I. We will also get the chance to see all of our kids baptized this cool will that be?

I think the fact that we live directly across the street from our Bishop helped with getting a calling so quickly.

I also love where we live; we have so many little kids on our street that make it fun to go outside. But for some reason they like to doorbell ditch us from our front door...AND our back door! They are so cute :) They absolutely love playing with Nate and have for the past couple of years. He is so great with them. The other day I was coming home from work and as I pulled up the garage door was just closing. I assumed Nate had just got home too. So I pushed the garage door opener and as the door rose up I saw about 6 tiny pairs of legs (plus 1 big one - Nate's). As it got higher and higher I saw 6 little (plus 1 big) silly faces with tongues sticking out. Nate had gathered up the neigborhood kids and had them stand completely still in our garage with him doing slly faces as I opened the garage when I got home. It was the cutest thing! When they saw my reaction they busted up laughing; they were so proud that they "got me!"

I love living here with Nate, it is so much fun. I am looking forward to the day when our children get to run around our street with the neighbor kids :)


  1. yay for being married! i read your blog so keep the posts comin! congrats on your new calling that will be so much fun! The only calling i have had is to be in the nursery and now me and chase are the 14-16 year olds and its really fun.