Saturday, February 19, 2011

Well, I got a wonderful Valentine's gift...

We got a new car! Its a 2011 Buick Reagal. I LOVE it! 

The weekend before Valentine's day Nates close friend Dallas, his fiance Lacey, Nate and I had a double date. Lacey and I planned it without their knowledge and just told them we had a surprise for them. So Nate and I drove to Lacey's house (Nate had his eyes closed the whole time). Lacey and
I planned a Manly Meal. Steaks, HUGE stuffed baked potatoes, veggeies, and a heart shaped pazookie for dessert. Oh, can't forget the sparkling cider :) It was way fun and the boys were pleasantly surpised. After dinner and dessert we played the Newlywed Game! That was fun too :) I think Nate and I won!

On Monday (Valentines Day) Nate surprised me and showed up to my work with lunch for me! He brought me a meal that we often times eat on date night at Applebee's. It was yummy and SO sweet! I love this boy :)  Then after work Nate took me to dinner and a place I had never been called The Prairie Schooner. It was SOO cool! The section of the restarant Nate requested, all of the booths were covered wagons! They were all on out edge of the area and in the middle of them all was this cool desert scene with dirt, cactus, real stuffed desert animal and real campfires burning. Also, the ceiling was black with little dot lights like the night sky with stars! I loved it so much!

We cannot wait till our cruise! Countdown: 8 days!

Kristina & Nate


  1. how sweet! i love it too! for mine and logans first v-day as a married couple we went rockin'r'ranch. we both went to cowboy-ish places! how funny!