Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"I can't even imagine myself with anyone but you!"

I love my husband so freakin' much.
It boggles my mind how similar we are and I love that I found someone that is a silly/crazy/weird/goofy/childish as me!
I was afraid before we got married that after we did I might get so used to Nate's humor that it wouldnt be as funny to me anymore....WRONG!
I laugh my head off every day with him, I love it!

He is the funniest person I know...really.
I dont think many people would understand the humor between us and that is what I love about it..its Us.
But more than being funny, I found a man that is so so sweet to me.

On Mothers Day (well, the days following up to it) all I had thought about was our moms and grandma's. But Nate unexpectedly said, right when we woke up and he rolled over towards me said
"Happy Future Mother of My Children Day" with a big ol' grin.
I didn't even see it coming and it made me so happy!

I am so excited to one day have children with Nate.
I cannot wait to see little ones of him running around; I think they will be so adorable!
I know having children will be such an amazing blessing.
Everytime I think about it I get so emotional thinking about how wonderful it will be.

My parents sacrificed so much for me and I am so thankful for all they did.
(I have truly been blessed with a wonderful family, and now a wonderful In-Law family as well.)
My family has supported me through everything I have done.
Getting baptized, graduating high school & college, dating, moving away to a different state..just to name a few.

I hope that Nate and I can be half as great as our parents have been to us!
I am so excited to watch our children grow from little tiny newborns to all the way to newlyweds and beyond!
I hope they can look to us as good examples and that we can continue being that for the rest of their lives.

I am so grateful for Eternal Families and know that I will be with them again after this life.


  1. you look so tall and skinny in this pic! I love you! You are so BEAUTIFUL! & how sweet of nate!!

  2. Thanks! I know we look like Jack in the bean stocks haha. I love you too!

  3. Sounds like you're ready to be a mom. What's stopping you? Seriously once you have kids you will wonder what in the world you ever did without them. Children and families are the most important things in this life... get started and don't put it off!!! Plus my kids need friends! You look good too.

  4. Trust me, we are just about there! We are both so excited, just getting a couple more things in order :) Aww Im so excited to have my kids have friends! We are doing P90X, I want to get through it so that I am healthier for a baby. I have not done anything active since your class and yo inspired me with how amazingly fit you were while being pregnant and working out that far along! I would love to be able to do that! But I have to be in shape first so that the baby has a healthy place to grow :)