Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Our first "big" endeavor as Husband & Wife...

Something funny about Nate and I that we have had in common are the moles on our back. 
Mine was on my left shoulder blade and Nate's was right in the middle of his back.
We have both known for as long as we can remember that they were there, but never thought much about getting them checked out. 

As we get closer to starting a family we have talked about first making sure we are healthy and safe. 

After I was put onto Nate's health insurance we decided to see a Dermatologist and have our moles checked out to see if they should be removed. 

Our visit to the Specialist was actually quite funny. We had our first visit 2 weeks ago and scheduled our appointments for the same time. We had the doctor do an all over check on each of us while we were there, just to be extra safe. Well, we're married, obviously, so it wasn't any big deal for the doctor to say "Okay, I'm gonna leave and you two can go ahead and slip into these gowns." No big deal, right? HA! Apparently there is something about being in a completely different environment with strangers all around outside the door and undressing with your husband in the same room. I could not stop giggling. I felt that everyone outside that door could probably hear me giggling, which made me giggle even more! It was so silly, but I just couldn't stop :)

Anyways, so we got them checked and the verdict was: We both should have the one's on our backs removed. More so for precaution, but still, can't be too sure. So we made a second set of appointments for 2 weeks later (Today).

I have been freaking out about this ever since our last appointment my family has suggested years and years ago that I have mine looked at. Nate, please, he was calm as a cucumber. Is that a real saying? I think it's "As cool as a cucumber" but that's okay, he was that too! I am sooooo grateful I had Nate's support, comfort and love throughout this whole process. I get so so scared when ever I have to do something involving blood, needles, scalpels and stiches. Which by the way, other than routine flu shots, has only been a few times: wisdom teeth removal, donating blood/plasma, splitting open my forehead, and that time i was bit by a spider, had a seizure, and had to have the doctor cut my arm open (like a centimeter) to take out the poison. 

I dont do well.

We decided I would go first with the mole removal. If I were to see the procedure on Nate before my own...Yeah Right. So I went. And I freaked out. About everything. The needles to numb me, I was a baby. After that is was just pressure..but the WEIRDEST pressure ever! I could feel the scalpel going around the outside of my mole, I could feel (barely) the cutting out, I could feel the 'tongs' pulling up my skin while the doctor cotterized the blood vessels under where my mole was cut from, I could feel and SMELL the coterizing [GROSS-yeah, they cooked my back], I could feel the stiches closing my back up, I could feel the gauze soaking up the blood. None of it hurt, besides the first of many numbing needles, but still. Feeling the rest of it as just pressure grossed me out. 

Then, after I was all done, it was Nate's turn. I told myself over and over I wasn't going to look. But c'mon, it was like a car accident, I couldnt stop looking over at it. And everytime, I regretted it. Unfortunately for him, he is Thick Skinned. No really, his skin is so darn thick we found out today. So they had to cut a lot wider and deeper on him just to get it out. Poor babe. Not to mention that because it was so deep, there was a point in the procedure where they got deeper than where the anesthisea had numbed. Yep, he felt that. I felt so bad for him :( But they numbed him more as soon as that happened.
We are both grateful we had a wonderful doctor and nurse. They made me feel so comfortable and even put music on to calm me. I must say, I like U2 now. (Not that I didn't before, now I just know what they sing).

I am just glad its over.

Now, it wouldn't be a proper medical blog post without some pictures....

 This is mine, before obviously.

And this is Nate's, after.


  1. I was so disgusted by the detail in which you wrote that I absolutely could not stop reading! haha Im terrified! haha

  2. Bahaha. Good :) I had to share it, not something you keep to yourself..that would be selfish of me!