Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy Happy Birthday, to my wonderful husband!!!

28 years ago today my amazing husband was brought into this word, so I want to share 28 things I love about him!

1. I love how much he makes me feel protected.
2. I love how confident he is.
3. I love how much of a leader he is in every situation.
4. I love how he treats people, especially me.
5. I love that he is so supportive.
6. I love how smart he is, and how prideful he is not.
7. I love the way he is with children, and knowing that he will be a wonderful father.
8. I love that he lets me rub his bald head whenever I want (which is often).
9. I love that he is so great at his job.
10. I love his sense of humor, and that it is just like mine.
11. I love that he makes me feel comfortable being me.
12. I love his gratitude and appreciation towards me every night for cooking him dinner.
13. I love who he wants to be in the future.
14. I love he is patient with me when I ask him a question about basketball.
15. I love his freckle on his top lip.
16. I love that he held my hand because I was so scared to get my mole removed.
17. I love how silly he is.
18. I love that he sings to me songs he makes up on the spot.
19. I love that he tucks me into bed the nights I go to bed earlier.
20. I love that he has made up his own nicknames for me, and continues to.
21. I love that he gives me a (pretend) hard time all of the time.
22. I love that he points out every word I say different.
23. I love that he always makes me laugh.
24. I love that he washes the dishes after I cook.
25. I love that he lets me do what I want, but will encourage me when there is a better choice.
26. I love that he is his own person, he doesn't follow trends.
27. I love that he told me I was "hott" 5 seconds after we met.
28. I love his honesty.

Happy Birthday Babe, you are so wonderful and I am so so happy about the way things all worked out. I can't picture my life with anyone else; you are perfect for me, my Best. I hope you have had a great day and tomorrow will be another special day....The day we met 1 year ago!

Denny' we come :)


  1. I looove this post! Ask me why later ;). Also, you got your mole removed!?! haha

  2. Ok I will! Yes...see previous posts.