Thursday, June 30, 2011

Celebratory week: June 15th, 16th and 17th

June 15th was Nate's birthday, so we celebrated by going to iFly.
This was Nate's first time ever indoor skydiving - or any skydiving for that matter.
He, like me, is would NEVER jump out of a plane to skydive for real, so this is the next best thing!
There is basically a huge basement of giant fans that are constantly blowing up huge amounts of air.
They have the ability to change the amount depending on the person flying.
So you get on your flying suit and head to a room for training.
After training everyone sits on the bench waiting for their turn.
Once it is your turn, you stand in the doorway, cross your arms on your chest, and fall into the air.
Once you fall in, you immediately have to put your head back and your arms and legs up.
Its actually really difficult to stay parallel to the floor net; one inch movement of your body will send you fallin at and angle. (I flew with my mom 2 years ago)
It was fun watching Nate.
He enjoyed it - other than the allergy filled outside air being forced in his mouth and up his nose.
Poor husband.

After iFly we went to dinner at one of our favorite mexican restaurants, Sanora Grill.
Every time we go I always demand request a ton of the green salsa...I'm obsessed.
We also always get the plate of Chile Reyenos to share.
These Reyenos are to die for; crispy, filled with ooey-gooey cheese, and topped with sauces and cheese.
This time, Nate also wanted to get their "nachos" which were pretty amazing too.
And I must say...great presentation.
Instead of small chips like other nachos, they used their chips which are whole fried tortillas.
They then drizzled enchilada sauce on each and topped with cheese and popped under a salamander (broiler).

June 16th was the day we met, one year ago, at Denny's.
We went to visit and get treats.
An Oreo Shake and Apple Crumble.
We also spent a lot of time trying to figure out debating on which table it all started at.
We got a third oppinion...Dallas.
Dallas was Nate's roomate who had taken Nate to Denny's that night for a late belated dinner.
I took a picture of the tables and Nate sent it to him.
He confirmed that Nate was right, it was the table right behind us.
Of course someone was sitting there already.

June 17th we had a Birthday BBQ for Nate with his friends at our place
It was the first time I was going to get to host people over at our house for a celebration.
I love love love entertaining, love it.
I have collected over the years various entertaining peices.
Such as glass pitchers, tiered buffet plates, cake pedestals, etc, etc, etc.
Did I mention that I love to entertain and host people? I do. I love it.
I didnt decide till last minute to make this BBQ more than just a BBQ, so it wasnt my best.
But it was still better than what I would have done originally.
I would have loved to surprise Nate, however, I wanted him to have his close friends there.
I wanted him to be able to pick who was there to celebrate with him.
So he did.
And most were able to make it except for a couple of couples.
Knowing Nate and his friends, it wouldnt be a gathering without busting out Rockband.
Before meeting Nate I thought Rockband was nerdy.
My husband makes Rockband HOTT.

Nate really wanted an ice cream cake from Coldstone, so unfortunately I didnt get to make it.
So I added a personal touch to it and put it on a cake pedestal! (pedestal not shown)

It was a very busy and exciting week.
Lots of celebrating and lots of yummy food and good friends.
I'm so excited to host our friends over more often.
And honestly, I cannot wait to throw my kids birthday parties :)


  1. your party table is sooo pretty!! Is that your backyard? Holy Moly Green Grass!!! I am sooo jealous! It is beautiful!

  2. Aww thanks! Lol, yeah, last time you saw it it was covered in snow! It took some work to get it that green but we did it :)