Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We made it through the first trimester! Yay :) Thats a big deal! Another big deal was our 12 week doctor appointment today. I was getting nervous at the possibility that something could have happened between last appointment and this one. But after about 10 seconds the doctor finally came across the heartbeat. It was such a relief to Nate and I. I was so happy to know that baby was still okay in there. We are getting anxious because this week we head to Arizona for Christmas with my side of the family...where we are telling our them the good news! We had these cute picture calendars made so when they open them, flip through, and flip to June....they will see our ultrasound! I am so excited but nervous that they will find out the couple of days we're their before Christmas day. Oh well, we'll just see what happens!

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