Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I just finished reading the book, Heaven Is Here, by Stephanie Nielson (aka Nie Nie)

I really dislike reading, but I love reading about Nie's story through her blog and watching her Mormon Messages video. So, I was optimistic that I would one day finish this book if I bought it. I bought it Saturday and finished it today. Yep, three days! It only took me three days to read because I couldn't put the book down. I almost felt like I knew her as a friend with how personal her feelings that she shared were. I felt as if I went through the experience with her and felt so sad for the physical and emotional trials she had to go through. I found myself crying along with her at parts throughout the book, throughout her life. She is so real and the fact that she was wiling to share her most vulnerable experiences in this book made for much needed reading. It's tragic that some people have to face challenges this drastic, but it is a blessing, as her inspiring courage and determination helps so many people to stay strong and overcome trials in their lives.

This book makes me want to be a similar mother as she is to her children; I hope I can be. Her kids are so blessed to have such an amazing role model. Well, I should say role models. I also loved learning about her husband, Christian, who was by her side and helped her through this time in her life. He was there for and took over her motherly responsibilities until she was able to back to it. Not only did he, but he did willingly, and was happy to. What a wonderful husband. 

I highly recommend this book, especially to mothers that are struggling with trials in their lives. I don't feel I have any major trials at the moment, but it is nerve-wrecking knowing I am about to become a mother for the first time, here in less than two months. I have so many concerns about it, wondering if I will be able to be the mother my children need and deserve. Don't get me wrong, I am SO excited for it, but I think everyone gets nervous before their first child. It will be an amazing experience and I am so thankful that I am finally able to fulfill my dream of being a mother.

I loved laying in bed on my back with my book on my tummy reading, and feeling my little boy kick around. It was the first time I saw that he was completely on one side of my was lop-sided. It made me laugh. 

Last night, out of no where, Nate said "I want our little boy to be here, I just want to hold him." I said to him, "I want to hold him too." He replied, "You've got to hold him for the past 7 months. When he comes out, I get to hold him first!" That made me laugh too. I told him, "I'm sure you will, then you can hand him to me."

I so look forward to that day that we get to meet our little boy. I can't express it enough how excited we both are to be starting our family. We already have so much love for our peanut and I know it will only continue to grow as he does. 


  1. 1. I loveeeee that you have a blog I can stalk
    2. I reallllly want to read this book now! I didn't know it existed!

    Can't wait to see posts about your little baby! Hope everything goes smoothly my dear

  2. I'm stalking yours too :)
    Yeah, this book was awesome! Thanks, hope everything goes smoothly also!