Friday, November 23, 2012

We had the privilege of taking a trip down to AZ for thanksgiving this week; we had a great time seeing our family and friends. 

It was so fun taking Landon back home and letting him meet so many people and taking him to some fun places.

Here are some highlights:

At the airport. Landon woke up with a fever the morning we were supposed to leave. Nate took him to the pediatrician at 5am and we were still able to make our morning flight! 
Poor buddy :(

Photo: Ready to go! #firsttimeinthestrollerwithoutcarseat

Both boys crashed at the terminal because of Landers having a rough (sick) night and morning.

Photo: Tired boys #longnight #sickbaby

Despite being sick, he was perfect on the plane. Not a single cry.
It made us so sad though to see him so miserable and helpless.

Photo: Landon's first plane ride = success. #didntevencry

With Papa.

Photo: Papa and Landers #reunited

With Grama.

Photo: Grandma and Landers #reunited

With Kelly.

Photo: Landon and Kelly #reunited

Meeting some of the family for the first time.

Photo: Landon meeting some of the family #firsttime

Meeting cousin Kingston for the first.

 Photo: Aunt April #reunited Cousin Kingston #firsttime

Aunt April was sooo happy to be back with Landon

Photo: Aunt April was so excited! #reunited

Waking up in AZ

Photo: Good morning from AZ

Visit to the Hall of Flame

Photo: Hall of Flame Museum

A stop at Paletas Betty.
Because of the parking on Mill Ave, we dropped Nate off to grab a few and we picked him back up.
When he got back in the car we learned he bought one of every flavor! 
So we sat in the car, driving back home, and passing around these 13 popsicles taking a bite of each.
My favorite was the pecan one...

Photo: Pecan Popsicle? I think so.

We had to have dinner at Ra, I was craving their Volcano Roll!
No one else does the volcano like them.

Photo: Vegas Roll from Ra...oh how I've missed you. #othervegasrollsdontcompare

We got to see my best friend from 4th grade. I have missed her so much, we haven't talked for years!

Photo: @minam22 and Landers #firsttime

Photo: I love this girl. Bff's since 4th grade! #missedher #itsbeenyears

And my first grade teacher that I have been fortunate to stay close and in contact with...

Photo: Landers met Mrs. Urchike, my first grade teacher #loveher

Thanksgiving day.

Photo: Happy Thanksgiving! #turkeybaby

Photo: Missed my nephews

Kingston wanted his turn to hold his cousin.

Photo: Kingston wants his turn to hold landers

At the airport, on our way home, I noticed they built a La Grande Orange inside. It is a restaurant that I love in Phoenix so I was so excited to see one there! Nate ended up surprising me with pistachio gelato from there while we waited to board :)

Photo: Pistachio gelato from La Grande Orange in the airport; my husband knows the way to my heart!

The whole trip was wonderful, I saw tons of people and got to introduce Landon to them. Being with my family was great and I miss them dearly already!

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