Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 3: I may or may not be starting to get used to it.

Doesnt mean I dont miss my man :(

It makes me realize just a bit more how much I love Nate..

I love his bald head
I love how often he makes me laugh
I love watching him play the drums (real & rockband)
I love cuddling with him
I love how he always does the dishes after I cook
I love how well he can act like a little kid
I love how much he loves children
I love watching his love for our whole family
I love seeing how great of a brother and son he is
I love that he loves the Temple
I love how hot he looks on his motorcycle
I love that even though we both love the bike, he wants to sell it so we can be safe now that we will be starting a family
I love how great he is at his job
I love his random quotes that I have no idea where they come from
I love watching him teach our primary kids
I love that he loves cheese
I love that he supports all that I do
I love that he loves and appreciates my cooking

I love that he is coming home tomorrow night!!!

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