Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 4: Night time...waiting for his arrival.

I am so excited to have my husband back at home in a little bit!
I doubt he will be looking at my blog between the airport and home so i'll go ahead and let you guys in on a little secret..

I cleaned the ENTIRE house!!!!
I have been planning this for weeks.

I dedicated:
Monday to our bedroom
Tuesday to our upstairs spare bedrooms
Wednesday to our entire basement
and Thursday to the kitchen, dining room and living room

It might not sound intense but i have never worked so hard cleaning in my life!
I stayed up till midnight each night cleaning and organizing.

The problem was...
This house was a Bachelor Pad before I came along.
There was some stuff left over from the old roommates and then there was all of Nate's stuff.
Well...moving all of my stuff from my last house AND everything that my dad so lovingly packed for me from my condo in AZ and brought up here during the wedding season....
Thats not even mentioning the piles and piles in random parts throughout our house that were stuffed with wedding gifts we had not yet assigned a spot to.
Trust me: Our house was crazy!

You wouldn't have really thought if you had been over, BUT, you didn't see what was behind all of those closed doors! Not a pretty sight.

So these past few days I have been cleaning high and low, organizing everything from home decor to gift wrapping supplies, costumes and cake pedestals, board games to beach towels, you name it!

Full garbage bags thrown away: 3
Boxes almost as big as me full of stuff for donate: 3
Spiders sucked up in corners by the vacuum: 28
Glasses broken when doing dishes: 1
Vacuums used in the past four days: 3
Pieces of clothing washed, dryad, folded and put away: 124
Picture frames inserted with photos and set to display around the house: 5
Times I watched our TV: 0
Hours spent cleaning & organizing: 21
Separate occasions this week I inhaled CLR fumes: 3
Times I told people how excited I was to clean the house for my husband: 9

He just called and said he would be home in 17 minutes.
I just want to hug the guy.

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