Sunday, May 12, 2013

I have had a great Mother's Day Weekend!
My boys are so good to me :)

Mother's Day started yesterday when a few of my friends and I went to Kneaders for their Free Mother's Day (all you can eat) French Toast. I love their french toast anyways but Free!? Ok! It was divine as always :)

Later that day I stopped at Sweet Tooth Fairy for my Free Mothers Day Cupcake. One of my friends had mentioned it during breakfast so I didn't pass that up either!

This morning when I got up with Landon, we went downstairs for get breakfast and on Nate's chair was two gifts for me :) Landon, baby #2 and Nate got me a bamboo chopping block and a brand new toaster over. Two things that I have been wanting! AND the sweetest card that made me cry! I love them so much and I am so blessed to be Landon's and baby #2' momma. 

We went to church and Nate was kind enough to take Landon to all three of his classes and let me just relax and focus on my classes :)

 Landon - 10 months
Baby - 10 weeks


  1. you look amazing! you are so beautiful! I miss you so much!