Wednesday, December 17, 2014

This year Nate's work did their Christmas party at a movie theater (which we had to miss) so there was no opportunity to get pictures with Santa. We decided to try out the Mall Santa experience. When we got there, Santa was taking a break so we let the kids play for a bit. They had a blast.

Santa finally came back so we got in line. I wasn't sure how they were going to handle it but they actually did really well. They looked confused and reluctant but there were no tears, so I say it was a success!

After getting the Photo I felt bad for making my kids sit on some random "Santa's" kinds of weirded me out. I guess we'll see if I still feel the same way next year when picture time comes :) It's nice to have a Santa that we know at Nate's work; I was bummed when I learned we wouldn't get to see him this year. Oh well.

Afterwards, the kids got to indulge in a yummy treat! That may or may not have been a way of apologizing for the Santa lap sitting haha.

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