Friday, December 26, 2014

Tonight was pretty interesting...

Landon was playing in the kitchen while we were in the living room and we heard a thump, then "Momma..milk!" It sounded like he had been rolling his sippy cup across the kitchen floor, but when I went to go see what was wrong, there was no sippy cup in sight. I looked under the cabinets and that's when I noticed our air vent had been moved or fallen. So we layed down on the floor to look inside and couldn't see it. But we did see another hole. A hole of large piping where the air comes up from the basement.

Yep...the milk filled sippy cup went right into that hole. What a nightmare. So we went down to the basement where my father-in-law and Nate worked hard to figure out exactly where in the pipe the sippy cup had landed. They worked and worked for an hour and were finally able to get it out. Silly silly Landon.

We are definitely grateful at the moment that we have not yet finished our basement. It would have made this a lot harder and more expensive.

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