Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I just want to express how blessed I am to have Nate as my husband.
He is the most supportive and loving person.

Yesterday I found out some tragic news.
A guy that I dated last year for a bit passed away.
I do not know for sure how this happened, but I have heard a couple of reasoning's that may or may not be the case.

Regardless of how it happened, it did, and there are so many people that are grieving.
My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

This guy was very nice, and I had a good time when I was with him.
Unfortunately we were not both on the same path in life at that time.
Because of where I had just come from in life I felt it was not right for me to date this person.
I didn't feel it was healthy for either of us.
However, I still felt like he was a great person and continued to see him.

I didn't let it last long, I eventually called it quits.
He wasn't too happy at the time that I was like all of the other girls that "didn't give him a chance."
At the time I felt I needed to focus on me and what was in my best interest.

Well, like I said, I received that tragic news yesterday that he had passed away.
At first I was in shock, I didn't know if it was real.
But I texted my old friend, his brother, and he confirmed he had passed.

I tried keeping my composure to not cause weird feelings with Nate since it was someone I had dated.
I immediately called Jenny who was by my side throughout my time with this person.
When she returned my call, I told her the news, and then broke down (not knowing Nate was right behind me).

I told her I felt guilty that I didn't do more for him, and only focused on myself.
I told her I felt guilty that I just ended things without trying to be his friend any longer and help.
I just cried and cried then hung up the phone.

I then saw my husband standing behind me; I fell into his arms in tears.
He told me that it was in no way my fault.
He told me everything I needed to hear from my supportive and loving husband.
He calmed me down and helped me feel better.

I was worried that he would feel weird with the fact that it was someone I dated and it was affecting me this much.
But that didn't happen at all.
He held me and loved me and told me what I needed to hear.
He didn't try to get me to stop crying or grieving, he told me it was okay that I was.

He told me that even though it was a short time I dated him, he knows me and what a caring and sensitive person I am, so the way I was feeling was not a shock to him.

Like I mentioned before, it was only a short time that we were dating, but we dated.
I know there are so many others that were closer to him that are probably grieving 100 times more.
But its still so sad to ever get news like this, from anyone that was a part of your life for any period of time.

I love my husband so much and am so grateful for how wonderful he is to me.
He knows me so well and treats me better than I could ever ask for.

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