Thursday, June 28, 2012

My mom got into town on Wednesday and we ended up having to stay in Salt Lake for a bit. My mom flew standby but was able to catch an earlier flight at the last second. Because she flew standby, however, her bag still didn't arrive till her original later flight. We decided we would go to the Gateway for dinner at Tucanos; Nate's suggestion. We love this place- it's better and less expensive than Rodizio Grill. I couldn't get enough of the bacon-wrapped filet and the teriyaki beef. I usually go, having not ate much the rest of the day, but this was a last minute decision so I couldn't put down as much as I usually can ;) But that's probably a good thing.

The next day was my doctor's appointment where we found out that there hadn't been enough progression to go through with the scheduled induction on Monday. I was a little bummed out and emotional. Not because I was excited to be induced, but because in my mind I was set on having our son on Monday. It's hard not to feel guilty for not having progressed but I have to keep telling myself that there isn't a whole lot I can do. I am doing my best to be patient and at this point I am fine waiting till our boy is ready.

Saturday night/Sunday morning we thought that was totally the case. I woke up at about 2:45am having some contractions that seemed to get more and more intense. I got up and walked around the kitchen for a while then went back in our bedroom. Nate was so sweet and made sure I was as comfortable as could be. He even got up and went to get me a snack since I ended up being awake for about 3 hours. Unfortunately, after that, they started to go away and I fell back asleep. I woke up kind of sad in the morning but got ready and headed to church.

On Wednesday was Nate's day off - My favorite day I look forward to! We usually have errands to run all day but I we had planned was taking my mom to Kneaders and getting their French Toast. I am pretty much obsessed with it and it had become and almost weekly Wednesday breakfast :) On our way home Nate wanted to get a smile on my face (since I was bored having nothing else planned) and he stopped at our local feed store. He needed to get lawn fertilizer but went there mostly for me to get to see the baby farm animals they have. Last time they had baby lambs and goats but this time it was baby bunnies, chickens, and pigs! The pigs we SO cute!!! Nate is so funny and thoughtful, he'll do almost anything to see me smile :) Love that man.

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