Monday, June 18, 2012

Nate's birthday was way fun! After he got off work we met up at his parents house with a few of our friends. We had a bbq pool party with hot dogs, (my grammy's) potato salad, chips & dip, watermelon, smores,  and "Better Than Sex Anything Cake" with ice cream! We enjoyed swimming, pool volleyball & basketball, and sitting around the fire pit. It was a fun relaxing night and probably one of our last fun nights with our friends before the little guy gets here.

That weekend was full of celebrations. The next day, Saturday, June 16th, was 2 years since Nate and I met at Denny's. We have a tradition to go to Denny's that day each year and getting a treat. I got a strawberry shake and Nate got an Apple Pie Shake.

That is the only day out of the year that we find ourselves at Denny's because neither of us love the place. That kind of shows even more how special it is that we both happen to be there and meet that night. As funny and weird as our meeting place was, I wouldn't choose it any other way :)

The following day was Father's Day. I told Nate, like he did to me on Mother's Day, "It's your big day!" Every time I would ask him what he wanted for Father's Day he would say nothing, because he hasn't done much to be a Father yet. Well, that is totally wrong! Aside from how much he already loves our little one, he has helped me through the pregnancy more than I could even ask. Sure, I am carrying baby. But Nate is basically carrying me. I couldn't have done this without him and I am so grateful for his love and support. I cannot wait to see him hold our son and see the love and bond between them. I also hope he looks like Nate :)
I talked to my dad that day, too. I miss him and can't wait for him to come up to visit our little guy.  I love my daddy-o!

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